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Tomb Raider to crash-land on Mac by Christmas

If Tomb Raider were yet another factional action adventure, ‘adds Mac to its cheese’ might have made for a good headline. But it’s not; it’s the sensitively told tale of the grim escapades that transform Lara from perfectly lovely teen to the dead-eyed murderess we knew and loved in the ‘90s. And it’s now to be available to another neglected quadrant of PC gamers.

The port comes courtesy of the fittingly-named Feral Interactive, who do Creative Assembly’s Mac versions for them, and lately released XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Deus Ex: Human Revolution for their gleaming white platform. Pre-orders aren't yet available, but you can sign up for updates on the developers' site.

I don’t know whether it’s weariness for Gap Year culture or what, but between Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 we seem to have become fond of putting young people through the wringer in far-off places. What’s that about?

Thanks, Shacknews.

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Excessum's picture

You have to dig deeper: they are not sending young people out to dreadful places, but young and obnoxiously RICH people. See where i am getting at?

But who cares about mac? I thought this was a PC gaming website. And yes, Macs and PCs run on the same hardware, but their users typically don't, so i will not retract my question about caring.

xprez's picture

Very nice, its an exciting time for pc gamers with windows going in the wrong direction so valve, nvidia and amd are investing founds in the linux department to make it a more viable gaming platform to transition into.

The gaming machine is the only windows machine in the house so cant wait to get rid of it for good.

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