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Lara’s most recent adventure may have been out for more than two months but Crystal Dynamics aren’t done patching and updating their rough and tumble, quicktime infested platformer. The latest round of fixes are largely aimed at problems only experienced by players running certain bits of hardware but there are some more general improvements to the UI and such.

The major takeaways from the latest patch are some “significant performance improvements in CPU limited areas”, apparently this is a fix that’s been known about for a while on the forums but required extra jiggery pokery on the player’s side of things and, so, Crystal have now automated the fix.

Players running Intel machines were finding that water had a nasty habit of disappearing. A strange issue and ironically cruel in a game about surviving by living off the land - like some kind of programmer created mirage. Anyway, t’is fixed now.

Here are the details exactly as Crystal Dynamics tell it:

  • Fixed problem with Mountaineer, Sure-Shot, and Demolition outfits not properly unlocking when no other DLC is installed.

  • Fixed TressFX Hair not being able to be turned on, on some machines, when using AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA Surround.

  • Significant performance improvements in CPU limited areas, for example in Shanty Town. (This is the same fix we have previously exposed to users on forums with the MulticoreFlushMode registry key).

  • Fixed water polygons randomly disappearing on Intel graphics hardware.

  • Fix problem with English VO setting when playing in Japanese not properly being remembered after a restart.

  • Minor UI improvements.

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KatsumotoJP's picture

Will give this a go as soon as possible. Despite my PC (2 year old Dell) having no problems with e.g. Dishonoured (last major game I tried it with), Tomb Raider is basically unplayable for me as things stand. Here's hoping!

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