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Total War: Rome 2 has been out since September, and updates are still coming in every couple of weeks.

As Maximus Cannus Fodderus looked up at the Saharan sun for the final time, he sighed. The ears weren’t right. They were much too small - and the animal’s reared back was convex, rather than dipped, as it should have been. The leg that came down on his chest was long and lean, not stocky and thickset. 

He was going to die - and it wasn’t even the right sort of bloody elephant.

In recognition of Rome II’s wide geographical scope and its well-educated generals, Creative Assembly have introduced a new African elephant model to the game.

Seen above in all its big-eared beauty, the African elephant has already been introduced via a small Steam update today. The model will complement the generic, Indian elephant previously used by all unit types. If you’re fighting with or running from elephants in Africa from now on, they’ll look African.

What’s more, Creative Assembly have rounded out Epirus’ unit roster. The Greek kingdom now has access to Thessalian Cavalry, Royal Peltasts and Illyrian Coastal Levies - plus a new Mercenary Indian War Elephant unit to hire. Using the old model, of course.

Epirus are only playable through September's Greek States Culture Pack DLC. Did any of you rabble pick up that?

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