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The War Z returns to Steam

After being removed by Valve following many, many, many complaints, The War Z has returned to Steam to try its luck a second time. Looking through the game's listed features we can see where the work has gone to avoid a repeat of the last fiasco. It seems to have been largely a cover-up job.

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The War Z originally drew criticism from its claims that it featured more than one map and that each of these maps was between 100 and 400 square kilometres, Steve found these estimates were generous. Also suspect was the claim that the game supported 100 players per server when those who owned the game found it was capped at 50. Even before its release on Steam The War Z was receiving criticism, we found it to be a pretty atrocious game when we got hands-on with a beta copy, and we also found that the Terms of Service had been copied from Riot's League of Legends.

Well, looking at the game's current description on Steam it avoids the mistakes of its last launch, mainly by avoiding mentioning them. Here they are lifted from the Steam Store page:

About the Game

  • A Huge Persistent World: The War Z is an nonlinear open world game
  • Explore, Scavenge, Kill, Survive: You are one of the few survivors and must navigate the desolate countryside exploring cities and scavenging for items
  • Group with other players to increase your chances of survival
  • No Classes, No Levels, No Caps: Create your own survival campaign

Key Features

  • Two modes of Play: Normal and Hardcore
  • Combination of First-Person and Third Person Perspectives
  • Meld of PVE (Player versus Environment) and PVP (Player versus Player)
  • Safe Settlements where Players can access their global inventory
  • Create your own Clans
  • Reputation system – Choose to become a lawman or bandit
  • Leave Messages for friends in the game world with a time capsule
  • Immersive environment with unique and spine chilling sound effects
  • Huge variation of melee and firearm weapon types

As you can see, no mention of number of maps, their size, or player numbers. It could be that developer Hammerpoint has done nothing to address these concerns, only removing them from the list to avoid claims of false advertising, or they may have been fixed.

I couldn't see any of the issues being addressed in the patch notes compiled on The War Z's forum.

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These dirty dogs can keep their game


head of steam gentlemen, please read carefully.

This game "the war z" created by Hammerpoint is full of cheaters, it is also the biggest flaw of the game At present, they took advantage of this phenomenon to sell their private servers extremly expensive, since the game on server free is full of cheaters ... It was a great victory commercial, and loser in all this, are the players ... Please do not tarnish your game portal with The war Z again, which took advantage of a situation related to deficiencies in their game .. Finally, there is still a whole lot of promises to achieve, as the stronghold, zombies specials, vehicles, the skill tree ... War Z is still unfortunately a scam, or those who do not cheat are forced to buy a private server ...


Easter of the Vikings

John Smedley on DayZ and H1Z1 similarities: “this is our take on the Zombie Apocalypse”

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