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Warface has female models but they’re wearing far from adequate battlefield attire

Warface Crytek

Warface’s women are not kitted out for warfare. Bosoms bare to the elements and opting to leave the flack jacket at home to show off their figure, you can’t help but think Crytek may have made a mistake in listening to the community when it came to designing the lady characters.

“They wanted the women to be not what we would think of as realistic at all. Up to and including running round in high heels,” Joshua Howard, the game’s executive producer, told Wired.

While Crytek designed the male characters themselves they turned to the community to take requests on how the female characters should appear in the game. They called for open shirts, high heels, and tight clothes.

"The skins we're showing right now are the skins that basically came out of our Russian region,” Howard explained. “They're not what our players at first requested in the Russian region. They tended to be considerably more extreme that what we ended up shipping with.

"It's our job to maintain that Warface has an authenticity to it that makes sense for us"

These aren’t the only models that will be shipping with the game. Crytek are currently working on a Chinese set for that region. Apparently, they are “also somewhat unrealistic as compared to the males but differently than the Russians.”

It would have been good to see Crytek adopting an Unknown Worlds approach and simply designing a practical female soldier model, instead of taking such a lopsided approach to the game’s genders.

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TenClub Avatar
1 Year ago

Anyone seen the Counter Strike Online trailer? It's developed by Nexon not Valve and take a look at the female character at the end. How incredibly out of place does she look? It's as if they plucked her from a JRPG and stuck her in CS.


1 minute mark.

This industry really needs to grow up.

Anyway, the game itself looks incredibly mediocre.

unwanted Avatar
1 Year ago

I found your comment about taking her from a JRPG hilarious...in a good way.

unwanted Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm not one to tell people (actual artists) how they should make their characters in-game but come on Crytek. These are the same people that slobber over nude mods in games. What did you really expect?

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

Everytime I see overtly sexy woman in games... I just think of this...


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