Warlock 2: The Exiled review

This way lies madness: Gaslamp Games and Clockwork Empires

The Elder Scrolls Online review

Welcome to PCGamesN: you'll like it here

What's all this then?

Welcome to PCGamesN. We're a new site about the biggest PC games. 

The people behind it have been around for a little while - the team has worked on brands like PC Gamer, Edge, CVG and PC Zone for the last 18 years. 
We’ve got a new idea about how games sites should be. We want to cover the biggest games in more detail than any other site. And we want to get readers, community contributors and journalists working together on one big project: delivering the fastest, most fun community in gaming. 

What does that mean? It means that we’re writing furiously about our favourite games, but we encourage you to submit anything that excites you. We’re also backed up by headlines from across the web. The result: a fast moving site that’s constantly showing you new cool stuff. 

Top games: We run independent fan channels for our favourite things – we call them Ns. 

Best stuff: N channels combine our editorial, user submissions and relevant links.

Nice people: We supply community tools and social profiles to keep things on topic and friendly. Submit, share and comment with people like you. 

Join us!

We’re looking for contributors, moderators and gamers. People who want to play their part in creating a fast, focussed, fun PC games community. Drop us a line at editor@PCGamesN.com, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, or start submitting right away.
Nobody has asked us any questions yet. If they did here’s the ones they would ask frequently.

What games are you covering?

We picked 18 big PC Games we liked and thought we could do a good job of. In no particular order, they are 

Guild Wars
World of Warcraft
Team Fortress 2
Call of Duty
Football Manager
World of Tanks
Total War
Elder Scrolls
Star Wars: The Old Republic
League of Legends
Eve Online

Why aren’t you covering my favourite game?

It’s absolutely our intention to launch more Ns on new and existing games. Our feeling is that if a game turns into a hobby, then it’s perfect for our site. We need your help to prioritise: tell us what games you want new Ns on - and we’ll get right on it. And it’s not like we won’t be covering your game - we still play and write about everything else. 

Can I get my stuff into the site?

Yes - if you’re making cool content about the games we cover, then we’d love to get it in. That’s the point: connecting players with the stuff they’ll love. Start off by submitting your content right away. If you’re creating content regularly, email editor@pcgamesn.com and we’ll see about adding a feed. 

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This could be awesome! Can't wait to use this site but I would like to see a racing game on that list.


Wow, another PC games site. You seemed to have an excellent group of journalists contributing.


Aggh! *seem*

reddog000's picture

Nice looking site.  Love the idea of using user created content!


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