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Wargaming are pretty pleased with how World of Tanks’ browser-based world map mode Clan Wars has taken off, and are integrating it with new airborne title World of Warplanes. What’s more, they have eventual, hopeful plans to combine all of their games via Clan Wars.

“This game mode proved to be very popular amongst dedicated World of Tanks players and we want to introduce this aspect of the game for our virtual pilots as well,” said game producer Sergey Ilyshyn in a Q&A. “After all, there was a big war fought for dominance in the air in WWII in real life. So it makes sense to have this feature in the game as well.”

“And we even want to take it one step further!,” adds development director Oleg Gotnyam. “With the arrival of World of Warplanes, we’ll be able to combine the worlds of tanks and planes on the global map. Not only will plane fighters fight on their own in Clan Wars, but they’ll also be able to interact and influence battles fought on a combined world map that’ll be populated and played both by World of Tanks and World of Warplanes players alike.”

Adds Ilyshyn: “If we ever get there, we could even envision all three of our games – WoT, WoWp and WoWs – being combined in this fashion on one global map in Clan Wars. But we’re a long way away from that now, and we’ll see if and when this becomes reality.”

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