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A recent update to the World of Warcraft beta servers has revealed a slew of new items and alterations, but hidden away amongst the new achievements is the reward for owners of the Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition: a pet Baneling.

A cross
between a Geiger sketch and a pinata, the baneling is more or less a
crawling, acid-filled, scaly water balloon. Liked by neither the crew
of the Nostromo nor clowns at children’s parties, the data-miners at MMO-Champion discovered the baneling is awarded to anyone who picks up a copy of the long titled demi-sequel
to Starcraft 2 who also has an account in Blizzard's hugely popular
(though diminishing in subscribers) MMO.

The release
of the Mists of Pandaria next month
will bring with the pet battle
, so these Zergling spawn won't just be for show. Though, when even
their owner would be wise to cower behind a rock whilst a baneling's on the scene, their use in a
fight is yet to be known.

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