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Patch 5.0.4 goes live this week, prepping World of Warcraft for the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion by introducing a whole host of dizzying new changes. This is an industrious patch, overhauling classes with its fresh new talent system, new animations, a crisp new character slot, AoE looting, tweaked XP requirements, account wide mounts and pets, and more. So much more. As ever, weekly EU server maintenance begins tomorrow - so expect 5.0.4 to slink into your life then.

While the full patch notes are expected later today, the WoW blog has an extensive run-down of the major changes coming in patch 5.0.4. So far-reaching is the update, that Blizzard have put out a handy, light-hearted tutorial video explaining some of the features being introduced.

Sharing achievements, pets and mounts across all of your existing characters will no doubt make your new Pandaren that bit more familiar once Mists of Pandaria drops on September 25. A canny move by Blizzard then, who will no doubt be keeping a close eye on what Guild Wars 2 is up to in the coming weeks.

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