1666 Amsterdam footage hints at third-person, open-world, Dishonored style action

1666 Amsterdam

Footage has surfaced from Patrice Desilets’ 1666 Amsterdam, an ill-fated THQ project that was sold to Ubisoft when that firm shut down, only for it to later get cancelled when Ubisoft and Desilets bashed heads during development. After a drawn-out court battle, the two have recently settled their differences out of courts and the game’s rights now belong to its creator, Desilets, once again.

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This footage, although from an old build based around PS3 and Xbox 360 capabilities, gives us a glimpse of what sort of thing we can expect from the game if it’s ever revived, which is now a very real possibility.

‘Be worse than the Devil’ was to be the game’s tagline, and it seems the protagonist had control over creatures associated with black magic – rats, crows and black cats are shown – manipulating them Dishonored style to murder people as you casually pass them on a boat downriver.

It looks a bit ropy by today’s standards, but I’d love to see it continued with modern technology. Flying through Amsterdam as a crow looks glorious, and it’d be nice to have more games that use a historical real life setting as a backdrop for your adventure. Outside of Assassin’s Creed – another series Desiliets helped define – our industry is surprisingly light on that sort of experience.

Have a look at the footage below: