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1C dips into King’s Bounty once more and pulls out Dark Side

King's Bounty: Dark Side

King’s Bounty: The Legend was pretty damn good. So the expansion, Armoured Princess was a welcome one, even if it was more of the same. Then came Crossworlds, then Warriors of the North and then a free-to-play version. Expansions, spin-offs, and nothing that really took the series anywhere new. 

The next King’s Bounty is, once again, an expansion of the standalone variety. This time players are commanding the naughty dark side, hence King’s Bounty: Dark Side, and there’ll be more unit recruiting, wandering around going on fantastical quests and beating up folk in hex-based brawls. 

1C says players will be able to choose the race of their hero for the first time, but it’s no different from choosing a class. Each of the three classes of warrior, paladin and mage are race specific. Warriors are orcs, paladins are demons and mages are vampires. Not very egalitarian.

Heroes get wee mates this time around, companions that join them in battles. Apparently there will be over 100 new quests and 15 new locations as well.

King’s Bounty: Dark Side is due out this summer.

Cheers, Strategy Informer.