23 amazing details you didn't notice in the Grand Theft Auto V box art | PCGamesN - Page 3

23 amazing details you didn't notice in the Grand Theft Auto V box art: Page 3

11. The Po-Po (Police)
The policemen are the main antagonists of the Grand Theft Auto games, and will do anything in their power to stop Johnny Crimes, the series' main character. This is subtly referenced in the box art with this police car, right here. Can you see it?

12. I Made This
This yellow glyph represents the people who wrote the game with their magic game writing pens: Rhyl Sealife Aquarium. A big round of applause for them, I think, as they have done such a good job on their game.

13. Today Is The First Day of The Rest of My Life
The main character (Johnny Crimes) can be seen here holding a gun that he intends to drop off at his local gun amnesty centre. Fate has something else in store for him however when he must shoot a pram out of the way of an oncoming truck: an act that gives him one police star and kicks off the events of Grand Theft Auto V-Five.

14. I Could Have Been Anything I Wanted
The dog's name is Chop. In Grand Theft Auto V-Five you will be able to name any dogs you encounter by taking an Instagram picture of them and uploading them with the caption "What do you think guys? I think this one looks like a 'Catherine' :3"

15. I Fought The Law And The Law Won and Set a Precedent Regarding The Sale of Dead Pets Over the Internet
This bad boy is trademarked, so don't even think of calling your videogame "Grand Theft Auto V-Five". It's taken already, girls.

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5 Years ago

Is this coming out on PC and are Rockstar offering a decent port if so?