2Dark is a horror stealth game from Alone in the Dark’s designer


Frédérick Raynal, creator of the original Alone in the Dark, is embarking on another horror game: 2Dark. Tremendously bad name aside, it actually looks rather intriguing. 

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Instead of fighting the world of the supernatural, a la Alone in the Dark, the hero, Mr. Smith, must contend with serial killers, as he attempts to rescue unfortunate children from their murderous clutches.

That means a lot of sneaking around dark and creepy mansions, on the lookout for captured kiddies. The goal isn’t to survive or escape, it’s to ensure that the kids survive.

As far as I can tell, this is the first time Raynal has tried his hand at a horror game since the original Alone in the Dark, which launched way back through the mists of times – 1992.

Cheers PC Gamer.