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2XKO Alpha Lab playtest dates, and how to apply

2XKO Alpha Lab playtests will allow you to play Riot's fighting game before release - here's how to apply and when the playtests begin.

League of Legends fighting game 2XKO announces playtest dates: Yasuo from 2XKO proffers a sword with a smile.

When is the 2XKO playtest? You don’t have to be a League of Legends fan to see the appeal of the upcoming fighting game spinoff 2XKO. Its art style alone is stunning, each character bursting with immaculately drawn animations that bring their deadly attacks to life. It’s still a way out from launch but you have a chance to play it early in one of the newly-announced 2XKO playtests.

Titled 2XKO Alpha Lab, this playtest will let players jump into the action from home to try out the squad-based fighting game for themselves. This follows from beta signups that started earlier in the year, back when the game was changing from being known as Project L to its new, snappier title. Developer Riot Games is looking for feedback and comments on every aspect of the game, so if you’ve got experience with League of Legends or fighting games – this might be your chance to get in and be heard.

2XKO alpha playtest: a muscular woman with tied back hair, wearing golden clothes.

When is the 2XKO playtest?

The 2XKO Alpha Labs playtest will run from Thursday August 8 to Monday August 19 and players from the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and France can take part.

The Alpha Labs playtest will run on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5. It’s important to know that if you are accepted into the Alpha Labs playtest, you have a choice between platforms but are confined to your chosen one after the fact. Progress will not carry over between this playtest and the full release.

How to sign up for the 2XKO Alpha Labs playtest

If you’d like to sign up for a chance to test the game, you can do so on the official site right now – this will remain open until the Alpha Lab playtest begins. Those who manage to snag themselves an invite to the Alpha Labs playtest can also invite one friend along, making it much easier to test the duo play system.

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2XKO Alpha Labs playtest new character

Over recent months the developer has been adding new characters to the roster, filling out the bevy of champions expected to be playable at the game’s launch. With over 140 League of Legends characters to choose from, it’s a pretty unpredictable affair to even try and guess who’ll be next – though our money’s on anyone who’s also been featured in the Arcane animated series. As part of the announcement for the Alpha Labs test, Riot let slip that a new character reveal will be coming soon at some point before the playtest starts.

If you can’t wait to check out more from the game, why not keep an eye on our guide to the 2XKO release date and our list of all currently confirmed 2XKO characters. If you want something slightly different to play right now, check out our best PC games list – you can’t go wrong.