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$3.45 billion spent on games in the US alone during Q3 2013

Increased spending on games

Crikey that’s a lot of money. According to the NPD Group $3.45 billion has been spent on video game content in the US across the last quarter, with $1.30 billion attributed to physical game sales and another $1.75 on digital content. That’s a 17 percent increase in spending, with physical content rising by 20 percent and digital by a chunky 35 percent increase. 

This is the largest growth spurt the industry has experienced since 2011. 

While physical media might seem a bit out of date to us PC lads and lassies, it’s still going strong elsewhere, likely propelled by the console release of Grand Theft Auto V. The only category to see a decline is social network gaming, and while it might seem petty, I’m not exactly bawling my eyes out over this fact.

Have you been burning through your cash reserves with greater speed lately?

Cheers, Gamesindustry International