A UK indie team are developing a battle royale game four times the size of PUBG

playerunknowns battlegrounds

You barely switch on a PC before stumbling across a battle royale game at the moment. From the staggering success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, to the new Fortnite game mode, to some, ahem, more unique takes. Not to be left behind, an indie studio are looking to continue to quite literally grow the genre.

But which battle royale game is before you? Let us help you figure it out.

Automaton are a UK-based indie studio currently developing a “cutting-edge MMO tactical shooter.” It’s a pretty big project, encompassing a map that’s nearly 150 kmsq that allows for 1,000 concurrent players, all occupying the shared world.

What caught our eye, however, is the 400-person battle royale mode that Automaton are developing as part of their game. That’s right, 400. That’s four times more than PUBG, which might sound like utter madness, but a press release from Automaton confirms it, saying that the game will include “an additional last-man standing Player vs Player arena combat mode, with up to 400 players in direct combat.”

Those games sound like they might very well be utter marathons. More players might lead to more encounters, but the upcoming game’s map is more than twice as large as Bluehole’s first map, Erangel. That could mean a long time spent hiding behind doors with a shotgun.