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The new fastest gaming monitor has a lofty 500Hz refresh rate

BOE Technology is working on a new 1080p 500Hz display that could set a new bar when it comes to high refresh gaming monitors

BOE prototype 500Hz gaming monitor on blue backdrop

Brace yourselves, as BOE Technology just unveiled a 27-inch gaming monitor that boasts a 500Hz+ refresh rate. Highlighted by Sina, the display uses oxide semiconductors to achieve lofty refresh rates and a 1ms response time. While the super speedy panel’s resolution is capped at 1080p, it’s faster than current options from BenQ, Asus, and Alienware, which top out at 360Hz.

It’s needless to say that BOE’s new screen tech caters to competitive FPS game enthusiasts seeking an ultra-responsive experience. However, oxide semiconductors are also key when it comes to enhancing the refresh rate of UHD displays, as the company is also working on a 110-inch 8K 120Hz panel that could set a new bar for the best gaming monitors.

BOE’s speedy gaming monitor is currently just a prototype, and the company hasn’t confirmed whether they’ll be available any time soon. Even if the displays were available right now, you’d need to boost fps to match the panel’s 500Hz refresh rate. Naturally, this means you’ll need one of the best graphics cards available, and we all know how scarce those are amid ongoing component shortages.

It’s worth noting that the newest iteration of HDMI can handle 480Hz+ at 1080p, meaning new 500Hz panels won’t necessarily require a new connection type. That said, HDMI 2.0 displays can legally pose as HDMI 2.1, so another new standard wouldn’t actually be a bad idea at this point.

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