Petroglyph take their 8-Bit strategy series into space with 8-Bit Invaders

8-Bit Invaders

They’ve done modern and fantasy warfare; it’s time to take the fight to the stars. As the third installment and requisite sci-fi entry in their 8-Bit real time strategy series, Petroglyph have just released 8-Bit Invaders on Steam. This cosmic edition of this fast paced RTS sees the Galactic Marine Corps fighting off the malevolent Cranioids invaders, in either single-player or multiplayer skirmishes across several destructable maps.

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8-Bit Invaders’ single player has you battling over 24 different campaign missions, with your army’s technology growing from scenario to scenario. You can even team up with a friend for ten additional co-op missions or to fight the AI in special skirmishes.

There is also an ongoing metagame called “Conquer the Multiverse”, where players get to choose on which planet gets invaded next, with the Marines and the Cranioids fighting for control of each world until it is successfully defended or conquered.

As part of the 8-Bit series, Invaders is cross compatible with both 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Armies, meaning you can watch dragons, orcs, tanks, jets, UFOs and aliens all fighting each other in one huge battle to the death. Petroglyph are actually running a special promotion where players can unlock a free Steam key from 8-Bit Hordes if they complete the co-op campaign mode of 8-Bit Invaders. This deal runs until January 3, 2017 so partner up with a pal and claim your key before that date.

You can watch the the Galactic Marine Corps and the Cranioids go at it in the video above, and you can grab 8-Bit Invaders on Steam now for $11.24/£11.24, which is 25% of the usual retail price.

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