80 Days developer Inkle are working on their next big project


Inkle are looking to their next project now 80 Days is well and truly wrapped up. While the small studio is still in the very early stages, they’ve been kind enough to share the game’s pillars in a blog post.

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Inkle explain in the post how games are malleable, constantly shifting things, with ideas thrown out in favour of others when a better one presents itself.

So with that in mind, the studio has shared the game’s pillars – the things that will likely remain the same throughout development, many of which are synonymous with the studio’s previous output, but with a few tweaks.

The first major change is that it’s being made in Unity so that they can easily do a multiplatform release. It will be built using a new version of the studio’s narrative engine, now called Ink2, so expect a similar amount of dialogue to 80 Days.

Also like 80 Days, it will be a story based around a partnership of some kind, but unlike that game it will take place in a completely new universe that Inkle are creating.

Other than the fact they want to make it look beautiful, that’s your lot.

As Inkle put it on the blog: “Discovering the rest of the game is like caving – exploring dark passages, retreating from dead-ends, and occasionally holding one’s breath to swim through a flooded, darkened chamber in the hope of coming up on the other side…

“We’ll tell you more, once we get there.”