Heroes & Generals Manstein update brings destroyable fences and fog of war

Heroes and Generals Reto-Moto

“The fences, they’ll have to go,” said the general to his men, remembering the harrowing events of the 1927 picnic. Till now his men looked at him quizzically thinking “But the fences are a permanent fixture. It would take godly power to shift them.” But, with the newly released Manstein update, those fences will fall beneath the tread of a tank and shatter when shot with a gun.

That’s not all the Manstein update does. Not by a long way.

I may have exaggerated the number of changes Manstein brings. Unless “by a long way” means three more things to you. If so, I got it spot on.

The Mountain map’s been updated to include “200% more mountain”. That’s twice as much mountain. If the map’s not called Twin Peaks then Reto-Moto deserve a slap.

Fences can now be destroyed. Death to the fences and their ways which are different from our own.

If that wasn’t excitement enough, there’s now fog of war to obscure your general’s view and weapons sounds are being updated.

We missed the Leeb update back in September, here it is:

It added a new deploy system, two new character models for the recon troops, M26 Pershing tanks for the Americans and a new armour model for tanks. The armour model means that shells striking at tank at a high angle can skim off dealing little damage to the vehicle. Even some direct hits will do little if they hit where the tank’s armour is thickest.