LawBreakers giveaway! Win access to the closed alpha weekend!


LawBreakers, the gravity-defying multiplayer FPS from Cliff Bleszinski, is opening up its arena for a closed alpha weekend, and we’ve got a bunch of keys to get you wreaking havoc in this high-octane shooter. Recently LawBreakers has introduced the the Titan, a rocketlauncher wielding, walking explosion machine who, along with the Enforcer, the Vanguard and the Assassin, form the game’s four-class system that will provide you with ample variety whilst you litter a post-apocalyptic America with your opponent’s blood and guts. 

The closed alpha weekend will begin on Saturday 6th August at 5pm BST, and will conclude on Monday 8th August at 1am BST.

We’ve got 2,000 keys to get you access up for grabs, and all you need to do for a chance to win is enter via our widget below. We’ll also need your email address too, not for nefarious purposes, but simply so we can deliver your beta key should you win.

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LawBreakers giveaway!