Your gaming PC won’t care, but monstrous 96GB DDR5 RAM modules are coming

SK Hynix is shipping 24GB DRAM chip samples, and the tech could equip future gaming PCs with 48GB and 96GB RAM

SK Hynix DDR5 RAM on orange backdrop

RAM is undeniably an important component, but if your rig is rocking 16GB, you’re probably good to go. Sure, Dean Hall (the creator of DayZ) recommends an exuberant 32GB to play his latest brainchild, Icarus, but most other Steam games cap their requirements pretty low.  Despite this, SK Hynix sets its sights ever higher, and its latest endeavour could equip DDR5 compatible gaming PCs with near 100GB.

According to SK Hynix’s recent press release, the company plans to release new DDR5 48GB and 96GB RAM kits, and it’ll become the first to produce DRAM with a density of 24Gb, up from 16Gb. The new design also improves production efficiency, meaning it can manufacture the modules 33% faster.

SK Hynix also says its new DDR5 modules will consume 25% less power than previous products, a feature that contributes to the company’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

While DDR5 will enable consumer PCs to wield well near 100GB of RAM soon, SK Hynix’s memory kit will initially cater to cloud data centre requirements. SK Hynix also claims its new high-density modules will contribute to “Metaverse applications”, meaning that Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR could benefit from the tech in some way.

Samples of SK Hynix’s shiny new modules have already shipped, but the component comes without an ETA for now. It’s needless to say that the PC gaming scene is still finding its feet when it comes to DDR5 support, and getting a hold of the best graphics card is a priority for most gamers. However, with CPUs like Intel’s Alder Lake now supporting the standard, and AMD Zen 4 options on the way, our current RAM configurations could be consigned to memory sooner than you’d think.