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The Surge’s free Fire & Ice Weapon Pack DLC adds fun new ways to disassemble angry robots

The Surge DLC

It’s been a while since we heard anything about The Surge, the pleasantly solid (see our review here) sci-fi Souls-like from Deck13, but this seems a good reason to sit up and pay attention: In amongst the usual post-release updates, the game just recieved its first bit of free DLC in the form of the Fire & Ice Weapon Pack, adding ten fun new ways take apart your enemies.

Half of The Surge’s enemies could be classified as cyber-zombies. Get your undead-bothering fix here.

The gimmick of this little pack of bonus gubbins is simple: Fire weapons deal high raw damage and repeatedly battered humanoid enemies have a chance to explode, finishing them and damaging any other nearby threats. Ice weapons put a litte less overall hurt on your foes and deal elemental damage primarily, but provide a passive buff to your HP, making them the weapon of choice for a more tank-oriented playstyle.

Rather than just thrust a sack of weapons into your hands and tell you to go nuts on some robots, the Fire & Ice DLC scatters the ten new weapons – five of either element – around the game, giving you a notepad full of clues as to their locations, so it shouldn’t mess around with the balance of the game too much.

This is all just a teaser for the main course, though. Coming later this year is the Walk In The Park DLC, adding another region to the game (a derelict amusement park), along with its own set of new weapons, enemies and loot. The release of A Walk In The Park will be accompanied by another major update to the game which promises general improvements to the high-level endgame experience.

The Surge is available via Steam for $50, and the new DLC is, as mentioned, free.