A John Wick VR shooter published by Starbreeze is in the works

John Wick VR

John Wick, the action flick where Keanu Reeves goes on a rampage after the murder of his dog, is being adapted into a VR shooter and published by Payday 2 studio, Starbreeze.

Development will be handed by VR studios WEVR and Grab, and it will support multiple VR devices.

The game will be based on the world and characters from the film, rather than a direct movie to game adaptation, and the action will take place in the Continental Hotel, a safehouse for assassins featured in the movie.

Payday 2 will also be getting some more John Wick DLC, and of course there’s a John Wick sequel in the works.

The VR shooter will launch at some point in 2016.