A Plague Tale Requiem gets Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing

Those with GeForce RTX GPU will be able to boost fps in A Plague Tale Requiem with Nvidia's upscaling tech and make the game prettier with ray tracing too

Hugo, one of the protagonists from A Plague Tale: Requiem stares wide eyed

A Plague Tale Requiem will launch later this year, and we now know that the game will support Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing. This is the first time either technology has made an appearance in the stealth game series, and makes a GeForce RTX GPU an ideal choice to run the sequel.

The news comes ahead of the A Plague Tale Requiem showcase scheduled for 23 June, which should hopefully reveal how developer Asobo Studio plans to implement ray tracing into the game. Regardless, you’ll need one of the best graphics cards from team green’s pixel pusher line-up to switch on the visual enhancements and boost fps with Nvidia DLSS.

There’s no word on whether A Plague Tale Requiem will support AMD FSR 2.0 or older, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for those with a Radeon GPU in their gaming PC. However, we may find this out alongside the game’s release date during the showcase.

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You’ll be able to play the game via PC Game Pass, so subscribers will be able to see how A Plague Tale Requiem runs on the systems without having to pay full price for the game.