Aarklash: Legacy sees Cyanide embark on some kinda Baldur’s Gate trip


There’s a new RPG, and I know you like to keep abreast of those, so here we are. It’s party-based, isometric and real-time-with-pause. Which means it bears a striking resemblance to a game we’re rather fond of. Take a squint at the trailer below to see for yourself which genetic traits from BioWare’s early opus appear in Aarklash’s petri dish.

Cyanide would have you take control of four mercenaries, none of whom are particularly cool with the authorities in the corrupt continent of Aarklash (The whole continent? Really? The babies? The pets? The postmen?). Tactical nouse, party dialogue and plenty of trudging will see you through a “path strewn with obstacles and many unfriendly characters”.

Sounds like just the stuff:

I’m pleased to see that Aarklash has retained an oft-forgotten part of Baldur’s Gate’s tactical arsenal – the option to run-the-frig-away. If your game’s AOE attacks don’t offer a half-second’s grace period for the player to scarper out of their reach, I’m afraid I’ve been trained to expect better.

You’ll remember Cyanide as the creators of the Quite Good Game of Thrones RPG, the Not Quite Good Enough Game of Thrones RTS, and the Increasingly Good Blood Bowl. They’ve always seemed to me to be terribly busy, and I wonder if their games could benefit from a little more focus and attention (as they’re clearly not lacking in inspiration).

Aarklash has been out on Steam for a couple of days now. It doesn’t appear to have a demo. Have you tried it?

Thanks to @VexingVision for this one.