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Meet Abandon Ship’s kraken-worshipping Cult of Haliphron in a new trailer

"Hello, Beastie"

There are a lot of threats waiting for you when you’re sailing the open seas. Pirates, perhaps, or turbulent winds that whip up waves to send the ship into the air, only to come crashing down. And, of course, fanatics who want to bring about the end of days with the kraken.

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That’s one of the threats in Abandon Ship, an upcoming roguelike-strategy-RPG-thing. We previously described it as “FTL, but with sea monsters and pirates.” A new trailer is showing off this kraken threat, which has you facing off against members of the Cult of Haliphron, which you’ll need special weapons and tactics to kill.

The Haliphron themselves aren’t human, either – they can swim like fish and board your boat from a distance, the raging seas not affecting them in the slightest. And it seems like the kraken is the least of your worries as there’s a giant frozen sea monster shown off, too, which looks to be much more ominous.

Abandon Ship is coming out later this year, with a comment on the Steam blog post for the trailer saying that release plans will be announced in the “coming weeks.”

More videos and screenshots can be found on the Steam page for Abandon Ship, and if you want to be a part of the game, you can sign up to their mailing list for your name to appear in-game.