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Next Abiotic Factor update unleashes mystery fog and mustaches

Abiotic Factor is a comedy survival sim set in a mysterious facility filled with science gone mad and updates are coming thick and fast.

Next Abiotic Factor update unleashes mystery fog and mustaches : A scientist from Abiotic Factor stands in front of a lobby, wearing a deliciously wonderful mustache.

It’s important to remember that the original Half-Life isn’t just a science fiction FPS, it’s a B movie-esque romp through some of the wackiest tropes out there. For every moment of horror you have an equal moment of comedy. That’s something various content creators have taken advantage of to wonderful effect and now games are getting in on the action too. If you’ve ever wondered exactly why you have to wear those ridiculous ties, then Abiotic Factor may be the game you’ve secretly been searching for.

The Facility is definitely not Black Mesa but it shares some DNA, especially in its propensity for mad science and summoning eldritch horrors from elsewhere. Abiotic Factor puts you in the boots of a scientist, trying to escape after an event has made everything go very wrong indeed. Part FPS game, part co-op survival sim, all super-heightened ‘90s throwback, it’s a game about trying to work together but watching in horror as your plans backfire time and time again. It’s chaos, but the good chaos.

Developer Deep Field Games has been keeping the community updated regularly with what it’s planning to introduce into the game. A brand new update is on the horizon, and the developer has lifted the lid a little about some new stuff hitting The Facility shortly. The first big change is fog. Well, fog and a few other weather effects. Details are thin on the ground about what this will mean for players, deliberately so, with the developer only asking that teams investigate these strange new phenomena.

For those looking for a less formal scientist, this next update will also let you unleash your inner hirsute monster. Beards and mustaches will allow you to customize your character’s appearance a little more than you can currently, breaking away from the clean-shaven look seen in the game so far.

There’ll also be some quality of life changes related to finding stuff in your inventory, the ability to share recipes and journals with teammates (if you can build the right machine), new paintable objects, and more. There’s even a couple of teases, especially around a crate type which may herald a new monster’s arrival in The Facility.

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You can check out the full notes over on Steam, where you can also take a peek at the game.

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