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Meet the team behind PCGamesN. Let them know what you love, hate, and why they're definitely wrong about that review score

Here at PCGamesN we write about all things PC gaming, including news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything that we think is interesting to PC players – big or small, old or new. With a large and dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


The hivemind/hydra behind PCGamesN.com. If in doubt, just scroll wildly and pick a name at random.

Richard Scott-Jones – Editor

Your contact for things not covered elsewhere, or to fruitlessly argue the ’90s have been surpassed.


Jordan Forward – Deputy Editor

Loves SEO so much he once carved a pumpkin in its honour. Also fields feature pitches.


Gina Lees – Guides Editor

Fudge, whisky, and SEO. Gina cannot live without all three. Freelancers: send guide pitches her way.


Carrie Talbot – News Editor

Obsessed with cats, cake, and copy. Get in touch with news tips or story corrections.


Joe Robinson – Section Editor (Strategy Gamer)

Resident strategy expert and likes to listen to catchy songs on repeat. Says a lot of things.


Jen Rothery – Deputy Guides Editor

A rare example of a Dota 2 player with an actual sense of humour, Jen’s words are a real treat.


Iain Harris – Deputy News Editor

Our investigative attack dog. A sweet pup who knows how to tell a community story or two.


Dustin Bailey – Senior News Writer

Covers the evening news shift and, as an American, all stories about British sports.


Ian Boudreau – Senior News Writer

Whisperer of traffic from obscure strategy and 4X games, weaves gold on the evening shift.



Damien Mason – Hardware Writer

Hard wearin’ hardware king. Get in touch for all your PC tech review needs.


Christian Vaz – Staff Writer

London-based guides writer and fan of Hearthstone and Spelunky.


Dave Irwin – Staff Writer

Guides maven with a penchant for fighting games and Soulslikes.


Ben Maxwell – Group Editor

Oversees Network N’s editorial sites. He’s very friendly, and won’t shut up about Outer Wilds.



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