Take an extended look at customisation and PvP in crunchy punch-‘em-up Absolver

Absolver combos

Absolver looks the business. I know Dark Souls is compared to everything these days, but this really does look like Dark Souls for folks who just want to batter each other.

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In it, you stroll along clobbering AI enemies, reliving your favourite kung fu movie moment, occasionally coming across another player – they can join up with you, or you can lock into PvP combat.

It looks super tactical, with parries, guards, dodges, combos, weapons, and more. You can even disarm a weapon-wielding enemy and pick it for yourself.

You can also absorb hits from enemies, learning their moves. Perhaps eventually you’ll come across another player who will be your Mister Miyagi, letting you learn their ways as you soak up blows from your new sensei.

Once you have moves, you can link them together in a combo creator, with different techniques assigned to different stances. You can mix and match different styles too, so you never quite know what you’ll be up against.

It actually looks super promising, and I can’t wait to beat you all up. Have a watch of the new gameplay footage above.