Underwater exploration game Abzu gets a new trailer and an August 2 release date

Abzu e3 trailer

For anyone who felt Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture was too much walking and not enough swimming, the aptly named Giant Squid team have just released a beautiful new trailer for Abzu, their scuba-centric exploration game. Aside from lots and lots of pretty shots of a diver swimming around and getting acquainted with a myriad of aquatic animals, the trailer also features a release date – 2 August, 2016. Check out the trailer below.

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If you thought it looked a little bit like Journey, that’s because Giant Squid was founded by Flower and Journey’s art director Matt Nava. That’s not where Abzu’s similarities to Journey end either, as it also shares the same composer, Austin Wintory, whose predictably whimsical score is featured throughout the trailer.

Much of Abzu will likely be kept a secret until that fast-approaching release date, but we’re expecting a third-person exploration game much like Journey, but with a decidedly Steve Zissou twist.