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Accidental early purchases of Final Fantasy VII re-release refunded with free game


This weekend the PC re-release of console darling Final Fantasy VII went on sale. Hooray? No. In the first known instance of the polar opposite of hooray, Final Fantasy VII was released accidentally, and early purchasers were met with faulty serial numbers which left them unable to play the game. Square Enix has promised refunds and a free copy of the game to all those affected.

Square Enix explained the bumbling behind the blunder to Kotaku: “This weekend, our teams were testing the product website for the upcoming relaunch of Final Fantasy VII on PC.”

“While the website was being tested in its live state, a small number of people were able to purchase a pre-release build of the game. For those customers, Square Enix will be offering full refunds for the purchases and for their inconvenience, a free version of the classic Final Fantasy VII on PC when it is launched.”

Hooray? Yes. Now is the time for hooray.