Ace Patron: there’s a Humble Sid Meier Bundle happening right now

Civilisation V: Brave New World, innit.

Humble’s ever-expanding remit has finally seen their interests overlap with those of 2K Games, in a sort of venn diagram where the common space between two circles is used to securely house loads of money. Expect a host of recent Civs, as well as a cut-price oggle at what Firaxis have been up to besides XCOM lately.

Prepare for Lion King vibes:

I never could tell what Sid Meier saw of himself in exclamation marks. As far as I can tell, the man’s never exclaimed anything in his life – he leads his troops through a meek mixture of example and suggestion that made his time rehashing XCOM with Jake Solomon sound, from the outside, like therapy. Maybe a polite ‘Sid Meier’s Gettysburg?’ would have suited him better, back in the day.

It’s too late now, though: at the lowest rung of this Humble Bundle, we’ve got Sid Meier’s Railroads!, Sid Meier’s Planes! (aka Ace Patrol and Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies), and Sid Meier’s Humans! (Civs III and IV).

I’d implore you to stump up more than the current $8.16, however: that way, you’ll add Civ V and its Gods and Kings expansion to that already impressive pile. Pay over $15 and you’ll be bang up to date, with the Brave New World expansion that made Civ V the best in the series.

As always, though, you can pay what you like. By default, a fifth of your contribution goes to Action Against Hunger.

The current top contributors list features Evolve developers and former Left 4 Dead types Turtle Rock Studios, who’ve pledged $1,024 of the (ever-rising) $1,000,000+ total.

Are you tempted? I’m tempted – by the leftfield plane stuff as much as anything else.