This 1440p, high refresh rate Acer Predator gaming monitor is $150 off right now

If you're in the market for a high-end gaming monitor, this might be the perfect choice for its discounted price

Acer Predator XB271HU gaming monitor

It's been three months since you ordered the first component for your new gaming PC. Three months of blood, sweat, and tears. Pieces were faulty and needed returning, deliveries were delayed, and those goddamn front panel connectors took what felt like a whole day to figure out – but now you're done. Your top-end gaming PC boots to life and you feel that long-forgotten but rekindled surge of pride and excitement.

Your ageing monitor crackles to life and displays its washed-out colours, and you realise something isn't quite right: a high-end gaming rig deserves a high-end monitor – otherwise what was it all for? If this scenario sounds familiar, as it might to many of you, the good news is that Acer is currently offering this high-end monitor at a pretty generous discount.

The Acer Predator XB271HU is currently on sale for $549.90 on Amazon's US site, $150.09 (21%) cheaper than its MSRP, and an 'overclocked' version with a slightly higher refresh rate is available for £629 on Amazon's UK site, £70.99 (10%) cheaper than its MSRP. For the price, you get the whole 'refresh rate, panel type, and resolution' package.

The XB271HU is, as the name suggests, a 27-inch monitor, and it really does have the whole package. It boasts a maximum resolution of QHD 1440p, a 144Hz refresh rate (165Hz on the OC model on Amazon UK) with Nvidia G-Sync support, and a vibrant IPS panel. Its response time is rated at 4ms which isn’t the lowest ever but should be fine for everything except top-level twitch-reaction Esports gaming.

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Its IPS panel should have better colour accuracy and picture quality than your average TN panel, and it has viewing angles of 178-degrees, meaning you should only notice a difference in colour when you’re practically directly to the side of the screen.

For this discounted price you’re getting a truly high-end monitor for a relatively cheap price, all things considered. It doesn’t skimp out on any of its core specs, and to top it all off the build seems sturdy and has adjustable height and swivel functionality. A solid contender for the spot of ‘great value gaming monitor’.