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Here’s what Activision Blizzard gave one employee for 15 years’ service

An Activision Blizzard employee got a rather wonderful award for 15 years service. Want to see?

Activision Blizzard Earnings

What happens if you work for a videogame company for over a decade? If that videogame company is long-running publisher Activision Blizzard, you might well get an amazing award.

User MaxTurnbull took to Reddit to show off the award that his dad got for working at Activision Blizzard for an incredible 15 years. That is actually five years longer than the current merged iteration of the company has been in existence, since the merger between Activision, Vivendi and Blizzard occurred in 2008.

The amazing award can be seen below, which is quite sizeable if those joypads are actual size. It shows six iconic controllers engraved in silver and mounted vertically on a frame, along with a nice plaque honoring the man’s service.

Those controllers, from top to bottom, are the Xbox 360 controller, PS3 DualShock controller, Nintendo Wiimote and Nunchuck, SNES pad, NES pad, and Atari one-button joystick. We have only one question: where the heck’s the mouse and keyboard Activision Blizzard? We’re pretty sure in your entire existence you’ve published more PC games than any of these other platforms. Grumble.

The plaque reads, “For Activision Blizzard to stand the test of time, it takes people who stand the test of time. Thank you [his name] for a great 15 years of service.” MaxTurnbull’s dad’s name is blurred out, for obvious reasons.

We’re assuming the 15 years of service is on the Activision side of the company rather than the Blizzard Entertainment side, since Blizzard has their own traditions and awards for long service. Someone who’s worked 15 years with Blizzard, for example, gets a special ring, available in both male and female versions. To be honest, we prefer the 5 year award – an awesome sword.

We’re sure Blizzard wouldn’t forget about the PC, either.