Advanced Fantasy Building 101: Everquest Next Landmark Edition

Everquest Next Landmark advanced building tools

Arches! Floating stone! Slopes! Grids! Exclamations! The latest Everquest Next Landmark developer diary is here, and it’s all about the advanced building techniques players will have at their disposal, with Associate Producer Eric Smith and Lead Building and UI Designer Jake Sones walking us through their courtyard-come-workshop, where they’ve been fiddling around with the robust editing tools.

It’s hard to watch this and not conjure up all manner of gargantuan construction projects in one’s mind. The selection, copy and mirror look like they’ll be especially handy for rapidly putting together larger buildings without having to painstakingly construct every part.

The duo also revealed that you’ll be able to fly around your plot, just like the devs have been doing, and that ability is unlocked as you progress. This power is limited to just your own plot, however, and navigating the rest of the world will be more mundane, as flying around would be too over-powered.

You can apply for the beta right blooming here, you excitable lot.