Aer gamescom trailer shows beautiful world of flight, caves and ghosts


Bird flight simulator (only with less realism, more turning into a young woman) Aer looks charming and has for a long time. The barest glimpses had me excited to fly around in its colourful, blocky world, no matter what backdrop of plot or threat it ended up delivering. Now some more of that has been detailed, in a Gamescom trailer that also revealed the game will be hitting us next year.

Cor, yes, bit of that. I’m an especially big fan of the polygonal-headed spooky monster chap and the general feeling of serene calm infused with a slight darkness. Aer is clearly not set anywhere healthy – normal worlds are not comprised solely of floating islands – and the contrast between its bright shining skies and dark indoor areas is pronounced and lovely.

It definitely has that Fez-style charm to it, even in the 3D space. Hopefully that follows through into a game of exploration and wonder. We’ll find out in 2016.

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