AEW had Sans cosplay and ran the Undertale soundtrack on TV, the madmen

Kenny Omega's love of Undertale shows through again

The hottest new brand of sports enterta- sorry, I mean professional wrestling – is AEW, and it’s a company largely made up of unashamed nerds. Kenny Omega has a moveset largely named for famous games, and his love of Undertale has been well-established. Yet it was still a surprise to see a lengthy Undertale tribute complete with the sounds of Megalovania play on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Omega’s standard entrance video was interrupted with a dialogue scene in the style of Undertale – with custom graphics and authentic talking noises – where Sans offers to tag in. In keeping with the pre-Halloween spirit, Omega made his way to the ring in full Sans cosplay while Megalovania played in the arena.

The video implies a whole lot more than just a goofy Halloween crossover, too. The imagery makes reference to Omega’s former friend and probably-not-platonic partner in the Golden Lovers, Kota Ibushi, who’s now under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling – and that company’s colours and logos appear in villainous context here.

As a result of all this, wrestling fans are abuzz with the hope that AEW and NJPW are going to get over their initially icy relationship to build some kind of partnership from here. In other words, Undertale is now deeply involved in a years-long, mostly-real wrestling storyline.

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You can see the full video above.

Omega previously partnered up with Toby Fox directly for an Undertale-inspired promotional video released late last year in advance of his big match at Wrestle Kingdom 13. There’s been no official confirmation on whether the Undertale creator was involved this time around, but given Omega’s gaming bona fides, it’s certainly possible. Regardless, you can check out more Halloween games if you’re looking to get into the seasonal spirit.