The Young Bucks confirm there are plans for an AEW videogame

Looks like AEW's roster of gamers is paying off

We’re on the cusp of the third broadcast under the All Elite Wrestling banner, and the one-time t-shirt company now has another pay-per-view in the works and a regular TV show on the way. The only thing missing from a truly major wrestling organisation is a videogame adaptation, and it seems AEW is working toward making that happen – so you won’t have to rely on your Fire Pro Wrestling World creations anymore.

The Young Bucks were asked in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet (via Destructoid) if there’s “any talk of making an AEW videogame.” Matt Jackson says “yes,” Nick Jackson says “oh yeah,” and the tag team gets an indication from off-screen to please stop talking about it. That’s basically as good as an announcement, right?

Any wrestling fan knows that wrestler interviews tend to be filled with varying degrees of promotional malarkey, but the topic of an AEW game has kept coming up. Earlier this year, a number of tweets from various members of the roster broached the idea of AEW working with Syn Sophia – the company formerly known as AKI, which made many of the Nintendo 64’s most iconic wrestling games.

You can check out the quote yourself in the video below, at the 36:51 mark.

Some of AEW’s biggest names are big gaming fans – half of Kenny Omega’s moveset is named after Street Fighter and Final Fantasy, after all.

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The company’s most recent show, Fyter Fest, went on alongside the CEO fighting game tournament, and even featured a match with CEO founder Alex Jebailey.