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Age of Empires II: The Forgotten discovers a whole new free campaign: El Dorado

Age of Empires II The Forgotten

Microsoft are continuing to support the recent HD rerelease of Age of Empires II by giving a free campaign to all owners of the The Forgotten expansion. El Dorado tells the story of Francisco Orellana and Gonzalo Pizarro in their search for the lost city of gold. It’s made up of four new missions and a load of historical backstory for interested players.

The Forgotten expansion was developed by modders in the interim between the release of Age of Empires II and this HD re-release. Rather than discount this fine work, Microsoft hired the modders to package it as an expansion to this new version. The modders, now going by the name of Forgotten Empires LLC, are continuing to work on new campaigns for the game, under Microsoft’s supervision. El Dorado is the first of these.

All of the new content will be free to owners of the HD release and The Forgotten.

The new campaign is due to be released soon, though no date has been officially announced.

Age of Empires is all across the news at the moment, we learned just last week that Age of Mythology is being re-released in fancy HD, too.