Conan Exiles dev diary talks setting, mechanics and “brutal, bloody combat”

Conan Exiles

Funcom has taken its upcoming Conan the Barbarian game – Conan Exiles – behind the scenes in its first ever developer diary. Within, the team in charge discuss everything from real time fluid solvers to how you’ll be able to kick seven shades of shit out of anyone who crosses your path. Yikes.

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Late last year, Funcom and Conan rightsholder Conan Properties announced a deal that made the former the “preferred partner” for games based on the barbarian from Hyboria.

Now, Funcom have given us a peek behind the bloodstained velvet rope at how the open-world survival game Conan Exiles is coming along.

On both public and private servers, players can expect to jump into a manipulatable world where you’ll forage for food, hunt for creatures and fight both enemies and the elements in order to survive.

As you’ll see, much of the video is dedicated to the systems in place that’ll make such a world seem realistic – like tessellation-based displacement that makes sand, water and snow look believable, for example – however there’s also mention of dismemberment and sacrifice. I mean, it is Conan after all.

“…You see heads coming off, arms coming off, you see blood, you see gore,” the video below tells us. Now, that sounds like a Conan game.

No release date just yet, but Conan Exiles is aiming for an Early Access release at some point in “summer 2016.”