Snag one of Steam’s best strategy games for 50% off, but be quick

Relic Entertainment and Microsoft Studios' hit strategy game Age of Empires IV is now on sale for half off, but the Steam deal won't last.

Age of Empires 4 Steam Sale: A group of four men, each from different historical cultures, stands facing different directions against a deep blue backdrop

Age of Empires IV is one of the most well-known strategy games around, stemming from Relic Entertainment and Microsoft Studios’ long-standing historical RTS series. The game offers a chance to hold some of the world’s biggest battles’ reins as you control history’s most influential civilizations. If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into Age of Empires and its thought-proving gameplay, now is your chance to do so as the fourth entry’s Anniversary Edition is on sale.

If you’re unfamiliar with Age of Empires IV or the iconic strategy game series as a whole, it sees you lead the most noteworthy civilizations to success. You’ll follow a turbulent path packed with difficult decisions, epic cross-empire battles, resource management, and more. Think Sid Meier’s Civ games but with more challenging cross-empire conflict and real-time strategy rather than turn-based gameplay.

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To experience the fourth Age of Empires in all of its RTS glory yourself, grab the Anniversary Edition, a remastered version of the original Age of Empires IV, quickly on Steam for 50% at just $19.99 / £17.49. The sale is a limited-time midweek deal, and it will only last until this Thursday, November 16. The game is also available right now for any Game Pass subscribers for free.

The Anniversary Edition boasts stunning 4k visual fidelity along with fresh gameplay features like new civilizations, maps, and updates. As someone who has an Age of Empires-dedicated dad, I can say with certainty that this edition looks nicer and plays more smoothly. If you find yourself getting stuck like I do, then you’ll also be happy to hear that the game comes with more cheats and masteries, too.

If you’re searching for something similar to play after you’ve exhausted the fourth entry’s content, you can browse through some of our favorite games like Age of Empires out there right now. Alternatively, check out a few of these other action-packed, historical war games if you’re looking to virtually explore some of the most high-stress conflicts of all time.

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