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You can now play Doom in Age of Empires

Age of Empires meets Doom? Hell yeah

Id Software’s legendary Doom is playable in a lot of things, including Minecraft, crabs, and in an article we wrote. Now we can add Age of Empires 2 to the list, as a modder has created a full strategy campaign based on Doom – including the FPS’s iconic sprites and sound effects.

‘Age of Doom’ has been created by modder “HellKnight61” (thanks, DSOGaming) and is a full custom campaign for Age of Empires 2 that replays the events of the original Doom’s story – mostly in the style of Doom 3, with the escape from Hell by the demons orchestrated by Dr. Betruger, although characters from later Doom games such as Vega do appear.

The mod hit version 1.0 this week and can downloaded at ModDB. It’s currently missing the final episode, but still features four episodes and the tutorial. HellKnight61 has added several features to make it play more Doom-like than Age of Empires, including the ability for the Doom marine to flick switches, use teleporters, and even sprint.

The Doom guy gets all of Doom’s classic weapons, right up to the BFG and even Doom 3’s Soul Cube. All of the monsters appear, and most have sound effects cherry-picked from across the games. It’s essentially Doom as an isometric strategy-shooter through an Age of Empires lens, and it’s an impressive piece of work.

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Both the Doom and Age of Empires franchises are still going strong, despite both debuting in the ’90s. Age of Empires 4 is out just next month, and it may even get another beta before then. As for Doom, last year’s Doom Eternal is still having features added, and there may be “more stories to tell” with the Doom Slayer.