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Age of Empires II: HD is getting a brand new expansion this year

Age of Empires II: HD Expansion

A new expansion is in the works for Age of Empires II: HD according to a new blog post by Microsoft. The new content will be made by Forgotten Empires, who created the “Forgotten Expansion” for the game over a year ago.

“[We’re] extremely excited to reveal that we’ll be working with the Forgotten Empires team to formally bring a new expansion to the Age of Empires franchise later this year.” announced Microsoft.

Details are sparse, but the new expansion is the real deal according to Microsoft. “As with the Forgotten Expansion, you can anticipate a lot packed in there, including new civs, campaigns, game modes, units, and more.” Microsoft stated. If your focus is more on the original AOEII experience, the new content development means you can look forward to additional support and features that benefit every owner.”

A new unit has already been teased however: appearing to be a camel back rider wielding a bow and arrow.

What do you want from the new expansion?