Age of Mythology has not been forgotten – “we’re not pretending it’s not there”

It's not been forgotten, but it's also not here yet. World's Edge responds...

Age of Mythology remaster

There were a lot of cool announcements to come out of the Age of Empires ‘fan preview’ event this past weekend. New expansions for both Age of Empires II & Age of Empires III Definitive Editions were talked about, and we got our first proper look at the upcoming RTS game Age of Empires 4 in action as well.

But there were also some notable absences. One was the fact that nothing was announced for the first Age of Empires, but another was that – once again – we’re not getting the Age of Mythology sequel and/or remaster we all deserve. Naturally, amid all the talk about Age of Empires 4, one of the first questions asked during a recent Q&A with World’s Edge and Relic prior to the event was “Age of Mythology when?”

Adam Isgreen, the franchise creative director at World’s Edge, took the question in good humour and led the response: “I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, I have not forgotten about Age of Mythology,” he said.

“None of us here at World’s Edge have forgotten about Age of Mythology… I don’t think anyone at Relic has even forgotten about Age of Mythology, because it comes up all the time. So I will say the thing I used to say all the time, which is just stay tuned, we have not forgotten about it… We love the franchise. We’re not, like, pretending it’s not there. We know.”

Age of Mythology remaster - extended edition city

Michael Mann, senior executive producer for the series at World’s Edge, also chipped in with a similar message: “Absolutely we know. We’re listening. We’re 100% listening on that request.”

So, they know. I suspect it’s a project they could look at once Age of Empires 4 is out of the door and the next run of updates for the other definitive editions roll out.

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The Age of Empires 4 release date has been set for sometime in the Fall of 2021. Make sure you check out our summary from the recent fan reveal.