Age of Mythology: Retold will remaster the classic RTS game

Classical RTS game Age of Mythology: Retold will give the 'definitive edition' treatment to Age of Empires' mythological spin-off series in which gods do battle

Age of Mythology: Retold announced: A statue of Zeus in an ancient Greek temple with the words GODS WILL RETURN carved on the plinth

The popular RTS game Age of Mythology is getting a big update in the near future. Microsoft Game Studios has announced Age of Mythology: Retold, a ‘definitive edition’ style remaster of the classic strategy game that promises a return of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian gods to the digital battlefield.

Microsoft Game Studios released a short teaser trailer for Age of Mythology: Retold as part of the 25th anniversary celebration for the Age of Empires series. It begins in an ancient Greek temple, with the camera turning to face a towering statue of Zeus. Thor’s hammer can then be seen in a blacksmith’s shop somewhere in the snowy north. Finally, the view zips between sphinx statues and up the side of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, before pulling out into clouds littered with marble column fragments and brickwork.

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“Bringing the Definitive Edition treatment to Age of Mythology, the game will feature beautiful graphics, updated gameplay and more,” a tweet from the official account reads. “Stay tuned…”

Age of Mythology: Retold will be available on PC Game Pass at launch.

The game originally launched in 2002, and was updated with the Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in 2014. That version has been well supported by a lengthy series of updates.

That’s the extent of what Microsoft Game Studios has announced for Age of Mythology: Retold so far – but we reckon there will be more info about it, such as a release timeframe, in the near future.

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