Get your first glimpse of Warhammer game Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground in action

The publisher has released a video that goes in-depth into the game's various mechanics

Stormcast eternal units from age of sigmar storm ground

Focus Home Interactive has shared a new video showcasing core gameplay in the publisher’s upcoming Warhammer game, Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground. Storm Ground marks the first serious attempt to adapt Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar tabletop line into a videogame format, with previous attempts mainly involving free-to-play or mobile-style games.

Storm Ground is a turn-based strategy game where you can take charge of a highly customisable army from one of three factions; the not-Space Marine Stormcast Eternals, the Nighthaunt, and the Nurgle-tastic Maggotkin. Each faction has their own playstyle, for example the Stormcast are incredibly tanky, while the Nighthaunt prefer good old-fashioned swarm tactics. You can choose from several hero units within a faction to lead your force, with a diverse roster of additional unit types inspired by the tabletop game to back up your leader.

There will be a campaign mode where you can collect additional heroes, units, wargear, skills, and weapons via a card-based collection mechanic. Campaigns are non-linear and procedurally generated, and you can take your force online in multiplayer skirmishes as well. Emphasis has also been put on the game’s environments, with certain tiles being key to victory.

You can check out the full overview video below, which goes into more details regarding what Storm Ground is going to be like:

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground will release on PC via Steam on May 27. Pre-orders are available now.