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Age of Wonders 3’s first patch is about to be cast and Triumph promises DLC and expansions

Age of Wonders 3 patch

Age of Wonders III launched a few days ago, and I liked it quite a bit. It feeds my need for aggressive 4X games and raising armies of fundamentalist goblins. Triumph Studios are already preparing to roll out the first patch, and it’s set to be the first update of many, the developer says.

“We’ve spent 39 months developing Age of Wonders III, and we’re planning on supporting the game for a long period of time. We’ll release patches, free new features and dlc/expansion packs and we’re looking forward to implementing lots of feedback from the community.”

The first patch is mainly concerned with bug fixes as well as AI difficulty tweaks, limiting the spamming of the global disjunction spell, and changes to siege AI.

A quick save option is also being added, along with a button that will allow players to quickly move between their cities.

The update is set to drop in the next few days. The Steam version will update automatically, of course, and GOG customers will be able to download it from the GOG website.

Have you lovely lot been faced with any problems, or things you’d like to see changed in future updates?