Watch Saints Row’s superhero sibling Agents of Mayhem causing trouble

Agents of Mayhem gameplay

Volition revealed what they’ve been working on since Saint’s Row IV at E3 this week, and the superhero vibe of their last adventure seems to have taken with them.

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Agents of Mayhem (an acronym we failed to decode earlier when it was announced) lets you choose three of 12 agents to take into the field and, as the gameplay below shows, swap between them on the fly.

It’s got a bit of a Batteborn or Borderlands theme to it, with all those sweet dps numbers flying out of dudes and various status effects popping up above their heads.

Seems like there’ll be different abilities available for each agent so picking your favourite three might not always work if the enemy has some way to protect themselves against one of your skillsets.

Anyway, pore over the videos below for any more salacious details you might want, we’re diving back into the maE3lstrom of news for more.

First up a playthrough from Gamespot showing the MAYHEM modes of a couple of the characters.

And now an interview with writer Jason Blaire while the Twitch team plays through a couple of levels.