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Overlooked MMORPG Aion Classic gets way better with big new update

Old school MMORPG Aion Classic is getting the big 2.8 update, with a new level cap, dungeon, and class skills coming to the overlooked game.

Aion Classic 2.8 conquest: a woman ready for battle, stood in front of an eclipse

If you’re tired of WoW, FF14, or Guild Wars 2 and are looking for another longstanding MMO to try, Aion Classic is for you. A relaunch of the original 2009 version, in a similar vein to World of Warcraft Classic and Old School Runescape, Aion’s new 2.8 update ‘Conquest’ has just been revealed. With a higher level cap, more skills for all classes, and new activities like a dungeon to sink your teeth into, Aion Classic is about to get way better.

There are a lot of plans in 2024 for Aion Classic. The old-school revamp of the MMO is gearing up for new and returning players alike, so now would be the time to try it out if you haven’t yet. Like many of the would-be ‘WoW killers,’ Aion has never pulled the same numbers as Blizzard’s stalwart or gained the notoriety of a Diablo or a Last Epoch. Nevertheless, it deserves your attention. With six subclasses, myriad quests, and an in-depth mount and flight system, if you never tried Aion before and you want a change from all the pillars of the genre, now is the perfect time to take it for a spin.

Aion Classic 2.8: Conquest is bringing a lot to the MMORPG in July, like a level cap increase of 58, two new skills for each class, a higher character limit per account, and new quest and craft opportunities. Apheta Beluslan is a new battlefield coming in the update, and there’s a new instance dungeon called Phaestos’ Disc that centers on a conflict between ancient technology and power.

Update 2.8.5 ‘Dominance’ is then planned for September, with a new instance called Wall of Lament, another called Tartarus, and a Halloween event. Aion Classic update 3.0 is scheduled for Q4 this year as well.

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Much like WoW Classic, Aion Classic is a release of the 2009 version the NCSoft MMO. So if you can’t wait for WoW The War Within later this year or aren’t a fan of FF14 and the impeding Dawntrail expansion, Aion Classic is worth checking out.

Aion Classic update 2.8 is set for July 2024, and you can learn more about getting involved with the MMO right here.

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